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Keeper is a simple but challenging goalkeeping game for the Playdate console, built by Panic and Teenage Engineering.

You play as the goalkeeper, who has to stop all the shots from hitting the back of your net. As you save more shots, the shots get harder and faster, making it important for you to keep an eye on your positioning.

As the game goes on some power-ups might appear for you to take advantage of. They can be used to:

  • slow the shots down, giving you more time to save them
  • speed your goalkeeper up so you are more nimble getting around the box
  • double the points you score for each save you make
  • enable all power-ups at the same time!

Need a little help blocking some of the faster shots? Undock the crank and you'll have a wall which you can move around the outside of your box, which can cover part of your goal for you!

I am planning to release some features in the future, including:

  • Sounds for interactions (Update: This is now live in-game!!)
  • Possibly a store for unlocking items when you collect points


The Keeper game is free, but any donations are appreciated.

Primarily this game was built out of curiosity as to what the Playdate console can do, and how the Lua language works with the Playdate SDK.

If you're interested in learning how to build a game like this, I have created a tutorial which walks you through a rebuild of this entire game:



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just got a chance to try this out and i like the idea a ton! 

if you're amenable to tweaking some of the controls, that could take it up a few notches.

right now, the crank feels underutilized. my first impression was that the goalkeeper should be controlled with the crank, but that was before i saw that there is a paddle/wall that can be controlled with the crank. i still feel as though the paddle is not as responsive as it could be.

the paddle is responding only to the direction of the crank movement and not the speed of the rotation. using the crank for analog control of the paddle or the goalkeeper (with variable movement speed) would make this a much more engaging experience

thanks for sharing your work!